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get dem tacos


Ho’Brah: A prelude to describing something intense or amazing.

(American surfer slang adopted from the Hawaiian ‘Pidgin’ language) 

When the small fish market on 87th Street and 3rd Avenue in our hometown of Bay Ridge became available our first instinct was: ‘TACOS!’

We thought long and hard about what we loved most about tacos. ‘Bright flavors’ and ‘fresh ingredients’ were popular choices and soon morphed into ‘healthy lifestyle, summer, sun, and surf’.  We shared tales of favorite taco joints we’d visited on Vacations around the world; small taco trucks on the Mexican border in San Diego; wood-paneled surf-taco joints yards from the ocean in Florida; oversized taco emporiums in Hawaii; and one truly shanty fish shack turned taco stand on the Gulf Coast.  

hobrah at staten island

Ho'Brah - Staten Island

These places were our muses and with this inspiration, Ho’Brah Tacos was born. 

In the beginning, we sampled scratch-made tacos, burritos, and ceviche as the original restaurant took shape around us.  We waited patiently, as a family, as quality meats slowly cooked and filled the unfinished restaurant with fragrances that transported us from a busy Brooklyn avenue to a beachside taco shack in paradise. We are proud that people from all over New York City, and the world, visit Ho’Brah to see what the fuss is about. We want you to see firsthand that our success comes from our “family first spirit" and commitment to show each and every Guest that we consider them to be family too.

Rallied behind this surf-town taco-inspired banner we promise to use the freshest, healthiest ingredients available.  We want our food to be bright and affordable.  We want to serve thin-sliced Napa cabbage (California Cole Slaw) instead of iceberg lettuce.  We want cocktails that explode with fresh herbs, muddled ginger, and homemade jalapeno extract and beer that’s crisp, ice-cold, and worthy of a day at the beach.  

Any beach.

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