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 ~Brunch Specials~

11AM - 3PM


The Combi Brisket Taco  $7

flour tortilla, potato hash, scrambled eggs, jack n' cheddar cheese, salsa verde

Sunrise Taco  $6.50

flour Tortilla, egg sunnyside up, potato hash, pico, sliced avocado

Akahai Quesadilla  $15

scrambled eggs, jack n' cheddar cheese, potato hash, chorizo, sliced avocado, chipotle crema​

Steak N' Eggs  $21

new york strip steak, two friend eggs, potato hash, pico sliced avocado


Chicken Empanada
$4.25 for 1 | $8 for 2

side of avocado crema

Aloha Wings  $12

garnished with fresh pico de gallo

West Coast Nachos  $13

slow cooked shredded ranchero chicken, jack n' cheddar cheese, tropical salsa, fresh jalapeno, grandmas chili sauce

 ~Tacos & Entrees~

Steak Chimichurrri  $22

12oz new york steak w/ vibrant green garlic and herb, served with mexi rice, ranchero beans, pico and sliced avocado​

Tequila Lime Shrimp  $21

zesty line-tequila marinade with garlic butter sauce, served over a bed of jasmine rice​

Mahalo Bowl  $16

crisp romaine lettuce, cilantro lime rice, brussel sprouts, corn, sliced​ cheese, grilled shrimp, grandmas chili sauce

Wakea Brisket Taco $6

cali slaw, diced avocado, pickled red onion, cojita cheese, grandmas chili sauce

(available in a quesadilla $15)

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